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Not sure what you can get out of this? Have a quick look at some examples: The human gene PLCH2 (phosphodiesterase), SEC7 found in yeast or the spike protein 2 from the SARS coronavirus.

Input Sequence

Input nucleotide Sequence. Genomic region which should be analysed.

Blast data base

Select which data base should be used to search. The RefSeq should be the preferred one, only if insufficient results can be found the full NCBI nt data base should be used.
The RefSeq "Representative Genome Database" is a well curated data base which only contains genomes, while the nt (non-redundant nucleotide) data base contains nucleotide sequence from a variety of sources. The RNAcode analysis is based on an alignment of genomic regions, hence the RefSeq data base is the preferable choice. Yet for some phylas the RefSeq data base might be sparse in such cases the nt data base should be chosen.

Selection Parameters

The minimal pairwise distance in percent sequence similarity that is is needed between any two sequence in the alignment set.
The maximal pairwise distance in percent sequence similarity that is allowed between any query sequence and the input sequence.

Query Information

Email address which will be notified when job finished.
Identifier for your submission. Only letters, numbers, "-" and "_".

Privacy Notes

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