Bulk Submision

To facilitate multiple submissions you can submit jobs to the web service via a .json file.
The .json file should be an array (each field a job) of associative arrays (each key value pair a parameter). Each value should be given as a string.


Here you can get an example .json file

Explanation parameters

1. input_seq_nuc
Input nucleotide Sequence. Genomic region which should be analysed.
2. job_id
Identifier for your submission. Only letters, numbers, "-" and "_".
3. email
Email address which will be notified when the job finished. Leave empty if you wish no notification via email.
4. min_pair_dist
The minimal pairwise distance in percent sequence similarity that is is needed between any two sequence in the alignment set.
5. max_pair_dist
The maximal pairwise distance in percent sequence similarity that is allowed between any query sequence and the input sequence.
5. db_type
The name of the NCBI data base which should be used either "nt" or "refseq".

Privacy Notes

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